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Concept developement since 2008

My name is Chris Bakker and in 2008 I started CHJ Internet. With CHJ Internet I develop my own ideas from concept to a concrete platform. In the past 13 years, the knowledge and experience has been expanded with several projects.

As a six-year-old boy, I was already behind my father’s computer. With the advent of the internet, that interest has only grown. Combining technology and human behavior to make an app or platform successful fascinates me.

I live in Utrecht East with my girlfriend and two children.

From an idea to an online platform

Every idea starts somewhere. During a run, in the shower or with friends in a bar. But how do you get from an idea to a online platform? RespondentDatabase and EnquêteTools originated as an idea and are now available as a platform for online users.

Respondents Database

A Dutch database with respondents for completing online questionnaires. Each target group can be selected via filter question selection.


Online survey creation tool. Premium functions are available with a one-time contribution of € 12.95. No subscription required.

Meter management

Energy management platform for real estate management. Meter management is suitable for reading both small-scale and large-scale smart energy meters.


Do you have a good idea and would you like to develop it? Let me contact you.

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